Friday, April 21, 2017

Top 3 Male Travel Hotties of the Week

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As mentioned in the previous post we are going to feature Travel Hotties in the local scene every weekend. This time we are going start with three Male Travel Hotties that dominated our Facebook news feeds.

1. Clint Briggz 

Clint Briggz is a Web Developer from Cebu City who loves to go to the beach once in a while. He studied Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. 
He will be in Boracay this Laboracay 2017!

Check him out on FB: Clint Briggz
and on Instagram: clintbriggz

2. Christian Chan

Christian Chan is part of Eperformax Recruitment Team from Cebu City. He is also a self-confessed beach lover. Go check out his social media accounts and he might be your next travel buddy!

Facebook: Christian Chan

3. Peter Tan

Peter Tan is a 4th Year BS Tourism Management student in University of San Carlos - TC. He just recently traveled Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand in less than a month. 

Check out his Social Media Accts for more photos!
Facebook: Po Te Tan
Instagram: filipino.explorer

Who is your local Travel Hottie of the week? Comment below and vote. There's a voting poll at the upper right section! :) 


  1. Clint briggz is such a hottie! 💓

  2. Clint briggz is so hot������

  3. Christian Chan, ginalingan mo masyado. Haha

  4. Christian Chan so lit! ����

  5. Definitely, Clint Briggz. Just look at that abs! :)

  6. Coffee party Christian Chan! Hahaha tars!

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  9. Hi Marie Franz, thanks for casting your vote for Clint! ^_^

  10. Christian Chan is a cutie ❤️ #beachbum


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